Conscious Consumption is something everyone of us should think about. But who of can tell how to consume in a better way than we already do. Knowhow is needed to make better decisions. Adult educators might know how to even decide better in their own life, but how to teach people about it? Especially if one looks at the community where the educator tries to reach people of all kind. A solution could be a game, the CoCo Game, and that is exactly what we are developing in our Erasmus plus project. Follow us and maybe we can inspire you and your work.

About the project:

In order to enhance the consumer behaviour to chance their consumption patterns in a way that their choices would be better for the environment the CoCo project chooses gamification as the strategic attempt. CoCo wants to promote social inclusion and is aiming to create outreach to people with fewer opportunities, but at the same time being open to all citizens. Therefore the CoCo partners made initial need-assessments in target communities they did choose in their country. The need-assessments were done amongst adult educators working in formal and informal trainings, especially with socio-economic disadvantaged people, and amongst adult citizens, who are mostly not yet involved in regular education, both within the choosen target communities and areas. The game should be attractive to play by the people in these target communities. In a Game Jam with people from all partner countries, that took place in Berlin in December 2022, several game ideas were surprisingly already developed based on the need-assessments and the wishes of the partners concerning their communities to get an education mean for what they see they need to approach the very special need concerning conscious consumption in their choosen community.


With our project “Conscious Consumption” we create three helpful resources to really enable adult educators to reach a big variety of people in their settings, so that the learners can make better decisions to keep their life good and to help our planet to be able to supply us and the future generations with all we need.


Knowledge Vault is a platform which will be used to host the free to download educational materials, the print and play version of the serious game, e-learning content and the digital aspect of the serious game. The vault will contain the knowledge base for learners and educators to learn more on sustainable consumption. Thus the vault will contain materials, links to websites, methods, articles collected and stored in all project languages.


CoCo Serious Blended Game through which adults can learn how they can change their consumption patterns towards a more sustainable form and how their choice can help to fight climate change. The game will focus on four areas: food, clothing furniture and energy, as these are the groups of products european consumers spend most money on. The game will connect physical elements and actions with digital elements, making it a truly blended game, which is innovative for educational games.
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Facilitator’s Guide aims to combine of the knowledge vault and the serious game into a Facilitator’s Guide which will be capable of providing all the knowledge base required for a trainer to gain understanding in both the concepts. The guide aims to serve as an official project deliverable for trainers wishing to enhance their training material on the topic. The guide will be comprehensive and easy to use, providing practical information for the support of trainers of training activities on sustainable consumption with a special focus on socio-economic disadvantaged communities.
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