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Version: May 2024


1.1. Who is behind this Website?

Behind this website is the company BLUE ROOM INNOVATION S.L. (hereinafter referred to as “BLUE ROOM” or the “Provider”), whose details, for anything the user or client may need, are provided below:


NIF: B55237689

Tax ID: B55237689 

Registered office: Calle Gran Via Carles III, 98 – 10th Floor, 08028, Barcelona 

Contact email: 

Data protection email: 

Contact phone: +34 722 43 47 56 

Registry data: registered in the Mercantile Registry of Barcelona, Volume 3033, Folio 213, Sheet GI-58697.


1.2. Description of the website and services offered

The website (hereinafter, the “Website”) of Conscious Consumption to promote social inclusion and is aiming to create outreach to people with fewer opportunities, but at the same time being open to all citizens. In order to enhance the consumer behaviour to chance their consumption patterns in a way that their choices would be better for the environment the CoCo project chooses gamification as the strategic attempt. 

The website serves as an informational resource where visitors can gain a comprehensive understanding of what Conscious Consumption represents. A detailed description of the project is presented, emphasizing its features and applications. The page also highlights a series of flagship projects carried out with Conscious Consumption , providing concrete examples in different fields.

A key aspect of the website is its news and updates section, also called a blog. This area is dedicated to sharing the latest news, trends, and innovations in the technology sector, especially those related to blockchain. The intention is to keep visitors informed about recent developments and how these can influence the current technological landscape.

In addition, the website offers users the opportunity to interact directly with the BLUE ROOM team. Visitors can make inquiries, ask questions, or initiate discussions on specific topics related to the company’s services. This approach to open communication underscores BLUE ROOM’s commitment to accessibility and support for its customers and collaborators.

1.3. Purpose of this Legal Warning

This notice aims to inform the User about who is behind the Website, as well as the services we offer. Alongside this text, we have provided other legal texts, such as the Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, and similar documents, as applicable.


1.4. How to Contact the Person Responsible for this Website or Provider?

To contact us, you can do so at the address indicated above or, preferably, through the following email address:



2.1. How Does Our Website Operate?

2.1.1. Informative Website

Our website is a corporate and informative platform where we inform the User about the services offered by the project, and through which the User can contact us to address any questions or discuss their needs. The general website does not require registration. It is freely accessible, with the User, however, subject to compliance with all legal texts linked to the website.

2.1.2. Conscious Consumption Blog

Through the main page of the website, the User can find a section related to the Provider’s blog, where the latest news, updates, and innovations of the company and the sector are published.

The content of the blog is designed to inform and educate our readers about the latest trends and developments in the field of sustainability and technology. It does not constitute professional advice, and readers should verify the information before making decisions related to specific projects.

The blog is designed for Users to easily find content of interest, displaying different articles in clearly defined boxes, facilitating their visualization. Each box represents a different article, allowing the User to select and access the text of their interest with a simple click.

The blog does not require registration. It is freely accessible, with the User, however, subject to compliance with all legal texts linked to the blog.

2.1.3. Legal Age

To browse the contents of our Website, legal age is not required.

2.2. Types of Users on our Website 

a) Social Media Follower: This is the person who follows us on social media platforms where we have a corporate profile.

b) Information Requester or Interested Party: This is the person who contacts us through any of the provided online channels to request information about our services.

c) User: A general term to identify anyone who visits our website, makes inquiries, or contracts our services.

d) Visitor User: This is the person who visits the website without interacting with it or us.


2.3. Confidentiality Rules

When the User browses the website, we may collect their data according to our Privacy Policy. If, as a User, for any reason, you access information related to our services or confidential aspects of our business, you are subject to strict confidentiality unless expressly informed otherwise.


2.4. Applicable Terms of Use 

2.4.1. General Aspects

Browsing and accessing the Conscious Consumption website, located at automatically imply that the visitor assumes the role of User. This role involves the full acceptance of all terms of use, policies, and legal notices present on the site. These regulations cover crucial aspects such as the protection of personal data, intellectual property rights, implemented security measures, and the competent jurisdiction for resolving potential disputes.

It is important to note that each User is responsible for their navigation on the website. This means they must assume the inherent risks of using the internet and take appropriate measures to mitigate foreseeable risks. The company is not responsible for damages or losses that may arise from the improper or negligent use of the website by the User.

The website is subject to constant changes and updates, both in its content and its legal terms. Therefore, it is the User’s responsibility to periodically review these conditions, especially before taking significant actions on the site. In the event of substantial changes in the conditions that may affect registered users, they will be informed well in advance, ensuring transparency and the right to information.

Additionally, compliance with the rules established on the website is an essential duty for all Users. These rules are designed not only to protect the rights and interests of users but also to safeguard the integrity of the website and, by extension, that of the BLUE ROOM company. Adhering to these rules ensures a safe and productive experience for all involved and contributes to maintaining a reliable and respectful digital environment.


2.4.2. User Rights

As a User of the Conscious Consumption website, located at you enjoy a series of essential rights that ensure an informative, secure, and respectful browsing experience. Upon accessing our site, you have the right to browse the various contents and services offered, always adhering to the established legal rules and notices. This includes compliance with regulations on intellectual property and data privacy, ensuring proper and responsible use of online resources.

Additionally, as part of your experience on our website, you have the right to be attended to regarding any questions, comments, or queries that may arise. This encompasses technical support to assistance in exercising your rights related to our services. We commit to following the procedures established on our website to provide you with a timely and effective response to your concerns.

Another fundamental aspect of your rights as a User is the protection of your personal data. At Conscious Consumption, we are committed to treating your information with the utmost respect and privacy. Our Privacy and Data Protection Policy, in accordance with current regulations, details how we handle your personal information, ensuring your right to privacy and control over your data.


2.4.3. User Prohibitions

As a User of the Conscious Consumption website, it is crucial to adhere to certain regulations that safeguard the integrity, security, and legality of site usage. Exploiting your User status to access information that does not belong to you, especially regarding data or services offered on the website, or information about other Users, is strictly prohibited. Unauthorized or illegal use of this information that may cause harm to the website owner, third parties, or other Users is strictly prohibited.

Additionally, establishing links to or from pages with defamatory, pornographic, racist, or misleading or harmful information is strictly prohibited. This includes any content that may harm the reputation of our website, as well as that of the professionals or collaborators who work with or for it.

It is also important to note that it is strictly forbidden to delete, alter, bypass, or manipulate any protection devices or security systems installed on the website. Such actions may be considered criminal and are aimed at infringing on intellectual property rights, user or website owner privacy, or confidentiality.

In summary, as a User of the Conscious Consumption website, it is your responsibility to ensure that your interaction with the site is legal, ethical, and respectful, both towards the website and other users and parties involved. These rules are designed to maintain a safe, reliable, and respectful digital environment for everyone.


2.4.4. Rights of the Website Owner or Provider

The owner of this Website has the right to process User data in accordance with the provisions of these notices and the corresponding Privacy Policy, using such information to address inquiries and take all appropriate measures by law to effectively provide the service.




3.1. Types of Contents on our Website

3.1.1. Intellectual Property Polic

The intellectual property policy of BLUE ROOM, applicable to the entire website and materials disseminated through it, also includes corporate content distributed on social media profiles. This policy states that all information, signs, images, designs, logos, animations, videos, texts, and other elements and content on the website, along with its services and computer applications, are protected by industrial and intellectual property rights. These rights belong to BLUE ROOM or third parties who have authorized their use on the website, so users are not granted any rights over these elements unless expressly stated.

Users who access the website can view the information contained and make downloads or private reproductions on their computer system, as long as the reproduced elements are not subsequently transferred to third parties or installed on a server connected to the internet or a local network. This means that any distribution, modification, transformation, assignment, public availability, or any other unauthorized activity on the mentioned elements and content, including the website’s computer codes, is prohibited.

Additionally, any user who submits content to the website must ensure they have the necessary rights to do so, releasing BLUE ROOM from any liability regarding the content and legality of the information provided. In case of non-compliance with these obligations, the user will be directly responsible for the consequences, damages, and losses that may arise for BLUE ROOM and/or third parties.

3.1.2. User Limits Regarding Access and Use of our Contents

Access to intellectual property contents by you as a User does not transfer any rights to you. In this sense, the use you make of this information and content can only be private (used in a private manner); any use or reproduction by Users or others who may be included in the future must be done in accordance with the provisions and legal policies established here, always respecting the applicable legal limitations.

Specifically, the reproduction, transformation, distribution, public communication, public provision, or any other exploitation of the contents of this Website without the written consent of the respective owner is prohibited.

If you want to request any kind of permission to use or publish any of our website’s contents, you can contact us through any of the means indicated in section 1.4 of this notice.

3.1.3. Authorizations or Permissions

As a User, you may view the elements of the Website and even print, copy, and store them on your device’s hard drive or any other physical support, exclusively for personal and private use, therefore, their use for commercial purposes, distribution, modification, alteration, or decompilation is strictly prohibited.

However, as an exception to the above, we allow you, as a User, to share information related to the Website through social networks, with actions such as “tweet, retweet, share, blog,” or similar, as long as our ownership or the mention of the corresponding individuals is respected.


3.2. Regarding the Software Corresponding to our Website and its Design

The Conscious Consumption website, including its design, programming, and software, is protected by intellectual property rights and has the licenses and permissions necessary for its use and operation. These rights are exclusive to the owner of the website, i.e., BLUE ROOM. Therefore, users are not authorized to use the website’s programming code, software, or design for purposes other than those intended by the site. Any misuse, fraudulent use, or infringement of the rights of the owner or third parties will be the responsibility of the infringing user and may lead to legal actions

In addition, users must refrain from any activity that involves the extraction, manipulation, copying, compilation, or decompilation of the elements that make up the website for purposes other than those related to the services and content offered on it. This prohibition encompasses any use that deviates from the purpose for which the website was created and made available to the public. If any action against this regulation is detected, BLUE ROOM reserves the right to take legal action to protect its rights and those of its collaborators.


3.3. Regarding our Brand and Corporate Identity

As a User of the Conscious Consumption website, it is important to respect the intellectual property and trademark rights of the company. This means that using the Conscious Consumption brand, its domain, slogan, or any other element that is part of its corporate identity without obtaining prior express permission is not allowed. The corporate identity of Conscious Consumption, including all elements that make it up, is legally protected, and unauthorized use can constitute a violation of the company’s intellectual property rights.

The unauthorized use of these corporate elements can not only lead to confusion regarding the ownership and representation of Conscious Consumption but may also involve an infringement of the legal rights of the company. Therefore, any interest in using the brand, domain, or any other aspect of the corporate identity of Conscious Consumption must be formally requested and approved by the authorized representatives of the company.

This requirement for express permission ensures that the image and identity of Conscious Consumption remain consistent and are used in a way that properly reflects the values and mission of the company. It also protects the company from unauthorized or malicious uses that may damage its reputation or business interests. In summary, as a User, you must be aware that any use of the corporate identity of Conscious Consumption requires prior and explicit authorization to avoid legal infringements and respect the company’s intellectual property rights.

As a User, you may not use our brand, domain, slogan, or any element that configures our corporate identity without requesting express permission from us.


3.4. Additional Rules

Regarding aspects not specifically detailed in the notices and policies on the Conscious Consumption website, compliance and interpretation will be governed by the applicable legislation and regulations regarding intellectual and industrial property. This means that, for any issue or situation not explicitly covered by the internal guidelines and legal notices of the website, the current laws and regulations in the field of intellectual and industrial property will be referred to in order to determine appropriate conduct and corresponding responsibilities.

This provision ensures that, in the absence of specific guidance provided by BLUE ROOM, all actions, uses, and situations related to the website and its contents will continue to be subject to the general laws governing copyright, trademarks, patents, and other related rights. This includes, but is not limited to, the use of trademarks, copyrighted content, and any other form of intellectual or industrial property associated with Conscious Consumption or with third parties whose content or properties may be present on the website.

Therefore, as a user of the Conscious Consumption website, it is important to be aware that, in addition to the specific rules established by the company, your actions and use of the site are equally subject to broader legal regulations governing intellectual and industrial property. This contributes to a digital environment respectful of the rights of both the company and other rights holders, ensuring navigation and use of the site in accordance with the law.



4.1. Responsibility for Website Access

Access to our website is the exclusive responsibility of the User, including the access method, provided information, and the security with which they navigate through it. The website owner, in turn, commits to making the best and greatest effort, to the extent reasonably possible, to avoid errors in published content and to provide a constant and permanent service through it.

We cannot be held responsible for temporary suspensions, breakdowns, or technical failures affecting the website due to reasons beyond our business control, viruses, or cybersecurity issues caused by third parties. BLUE ROOM does not guarantee the availability, continuity, or infallibility of the website’s operation and, consequently, excludes, to the fullest extent permitted by current legislation, any liability for damages of any kind that may be due to the lack of availability or continuity of the website’s operation and the services enabled therein, as well as errors in access.

Additionally, BLUE ROOM disclaims any responsibility for computer or other damages that may occur to the User when accessing website content. Therefore, we do not guarantee the absence of viruses or other harmful elements that may cause damage or alterations to the computer system, electronic documents, or files of the User or third parties.


4.2. Regarding Published Contents

BLUE ROOM is not responsible for the content and/or updating of the links published on our website or the information indexed by them related to other websites, applications, or companies linked to content search criteria.

We will review and update the information published on our website, but we cannot guarantee that all of it is entirely correct, as typographical errors, inaccurate information, or omissions may occur for any justifiable reason.

Despite the limitations established by current legislation, BLUE ROOM is not responsible for damages of any kind that may be due to the lack of accuracy, completeness, timeliness, as well as errors or omissions in the information contained on the website or other content that may be accessed through it.


4.3. Responsibility Regarding Service Failures

In general, neither the website nor its owner is responsible for technical errors on the website and/or non-supply of the Internet service: (i) due to actions or errors of third parties and/or (ii) due to own causes when resolving the incident and/or acting diligently.


4.4. Other Responsibilities and Duties

Within the framework of legal responsibilities and compensations, if in a judicial or extrajudicial procedure, a competent Court, Tribunal, or Administrative Public Entity declares BLUE ROOM not responsible for any damage or harm caused by actions contrary to the company’s policies and regulations, and it is determined that the User is responsible, BLUE ROOM has the right to claim from the User the reimbursement of all amounts it has had to pay in relation to said procedure. This includes not only direct damages suffered but also lost profits and all additional costs incurred by the company, such as taxes, fees, attorney, and solicitor fees, expert costs, arbitrations, travel expenses, stays, and any other expenses derived from the procedure.

On the other hand, BLUE ROOM also reserves the right to disclose confidential information provided by Users in specific circumstances. This disclosure may occur when there is an obligation imposed by law, regulation, rule, ordinance, or any other legal mandate, including judicial or government requests. In such cases, BLUE ROOM will act in accordance with the current legislation, disclosing confidential information only to the extent strictly necessary to comply with the legal obligation or corresponding mandate.

These provisions reflect BLUE ROOM’s commitment to compliance with applicable laws and regulations, ensuring at the same time that the company’s interests are protected against actions by Users that may result in legal or financial liabilities. Additionally, they emphasize the importance of handling confidential information responsibly and in accordance with legal requirements.



BLUE ROOM will keep the website operational throughout the year, 24 hours a day, as long as the state of the art allows it. However, it reserves the right to modify or interrupt, in whole or in part, access to the system temporarily when the maintenance service, system or Internet server update, or repair requires it, without the need to notify the User. If the User detects any anomaly, third-party interference, system errors, or malfunctions on the website, they must report it by contacting the email or contact information indicated in section 1.1 so that BLUE ROOM can review what happened and, if necessary, find a possible solution.



We reserve the right to modify this notice to adapt it to legislative or jurisprudential developments that may arise or be published, as well as to make the necessary modifications in accordance with industry or commercial practices. When a substantial or relevant change occurs, we will notify through the website, and with reasonable advance notice, the changes that are going to take place in our policies, indicating when they are expected to take full effect.



All our legal texts and policies are governed, in all their aspects, by Spanish legislation, including: Law 34/2002, on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce, Organic Law 3/2018, of December 5, on the Protection of Personal Data and guarantee of digital rights, European Regulation on Data Protection 679/2016, and any other legal provisions applicable to the website and the services offered.



This legal policy only affects the information published and the data processing carried out based on our website. In no case, the conditions established here must necessarily be related to the policies of Conscious Consumption regarding the provision of services themselves, as well as the way in which these services are provided by its owner.



In the event of any conflict or discrepancy in the interpretation of these conditions or notice, the Courts and Tribunals that, as the case may be, will hear the matter, will be those of Barcelona. In any case, if your situation is as an end consumer, the courts corresponding to your domicile will be competent.



This legal notice is complemented by the rest of the legal policies established on our website, as discussed throughout this notice, such as the Privacy Policy and the Cookies Policy, and, if necessary, any other that may be necessary to add or complement, following the provisions of the current legislation at all times, all to ensure the interest of our Users, giving them the greatest image of guarantee and transparency.


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